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10 Years of Progress

In 2009 we started working in rural Kenya, specifically the Adiedo Village. Since then we have expanded our reach and have now touched over 55,000 lives. From clean water to ministry, farming and sanitation training, we are making a difference for generations to come. It is exciting to watch new crops grow, clean water systems develop and ministry reach the masses. With God’s help, SOHI will continue to improve lives, one miracle at a time!

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Want to join us in making a difference? Help us reduce suffering and save the lives of 15,000 school children in rural Kenya.


Spring of Hope International has lots of opportunities to get involved. From helping at our fund-raising events to traveling to Kenya, YOU can make a difference.

Of course financial gifts are invaluable as well! YOU can provide clean water for a family by purchasing a bio-sand filter for only $20 AND it will last 20 years!

Another option is to get involved in one of our four focus areas. We have organized committees in the U.S. and Kenya that work together to maintain SOHI’s vision. Get involved today!

Trips: Next Mission - June 8 - 22, 2024!

The best way to understand and see the work SOHI is doing is to go to Kenya and see it first hand. Every year SOHI sends groups of people to Kenya on vision trips to see the projects up close. 

David Opap, our founder, is the vision trip leader and personally shows you the different Clean Water projects, Education Opportunities created, Economic Empowerment projects and Spiritual Development happening in the region. Every vision trip is capped off with a Safari in the Masai Mara Game Park.

Interested in joining a future vision trip?

Contact DavidOpap@SpringHope.org 

Fundraising Events

Fundraising events are a great way to help us benefit the residents in Kenya that we support! Join our Spokenya run, attend our annual gala or purchase wine from our Water From Wine program. 

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