Biosand Filter Installation Update – August 2018

After the successful distribution of filters to the beneficiaries to their homes last month, installation started immediately the first week of August and the training for the beneficiaries who wanted to refresh their minds on how the Biosand filter is working, the request came when RWC through the area chief baraza that the installation is going to start soon, then we all agreed to bring all the beneficiaries from Kanyipir location and West kanyaluo together at West Kanyaluo Chief’s office compound for the refresher training which almost all of them came, purposely to follow the procedure and instructions to make good use of the filter. See the photo below.

Installation so far has gained momentum in its third week and almost eighty biosand filters have been installed and are being used by the beneficiaries at their homes, the good report is that all the installed filters are working well and the owners are very happy, a testimony from one of the beneficiaries is that she wants to say goodbye to water bone infections and she is very much grateful that she is one among those selected to benefit from the program. RWC representative of Kanyipir location did follow up to some eighteen home last week that have been installed and found out that the filters are all working well and are in use daily. A mentally challenged lady came to Bondo borehole to get water for her filter and was very happy reporting to us that her filter is working very well. Installation and training goes together to refresh the mind of the filter user  if they still remember the procedure and instruction given during training as shown in the photo below.

Water for sand and gravel washing and installation.

The fact that our site tank capacity is not enough to do all the work, there is a big clean water source just behind Obora borehole 1km from the storage unit site, it is in the quarry site where the H. Young road construction company planted a crusher and they manage to strike underground water which is very clean, that is our source of clean water for flashing and installation of filters. Flashing and installation needs clean water, and most beneficiaries do not have clean water they get their water from the ponds, pans or rivers around them and such water can’t be used for installation, we load the truck with 45 jericans of water and 2 sacks of grave both ½ and ¼  and 4 full sacks of sand and other tools for installation. Two jericans are used for installation and three jericans are left with the beneficiary for flashing, that means five jericans for one filter to get the best result. We are making many trips of water for installation. Below is the truck at the water source and at a site where installation is done.

It is not raining in the region now and we are able to drive through the small paths to many homes to reach the installation materials to the beneficiaries homestead easily but not all, we sometimes request farm owners to give us access through their farms to reach some homes, thanks to God that no one has denied us the access, sometimes wheelbarrow is used to pass the materials through streams and other impossible areas. See the truck through that narrow path between the farms.

RWC together with Nyakune borehole officials and the community gathered together at the borehole site and manage to repair the pump which was not pumping water fully to the surface, they manage to pull out the system and sealed the leaking pipe successfully, Merk came and helped them understand how Afridev pump is working and how to pull it out and return it safely.

Thanks to God for every good plan for his people, whatever we are doing is for the glory of his kingdom.

My health.
I still have a lot of pain in my right arm, my third appointment with chiropractic Dr. is on 22nd this month in Nairobi women hospital for treatment.  I am not even able to type a full paragraph with my fingers on the keyboard, it is like am disabled, I hope I’ll be okay the way I was before.

Thanks, Elisha.

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