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A good way to get engaged in SOHI’s community transformation work is to take a Vision Trip. These two-week trips, to the Western Kenya region, typically happen twice a year in June and September. They are NOT your typical “mission trip” where people from the USA go to an area to paint a church building or do another project for the local people. 

They are specifically designed with two important purposes in mind:

  • To allow individuals to participate in the myriad of ways that SOHI is empowering community transformation FROM debilitating poverty TO improved health and economic opportunities, as well as salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.
  • To increase participants’ understand of the Kenyan culture and engage them in loving relationship with the people of Western Kenya region by spending time in their homes and many other aspects of community life.

Vision Trips take various forms depending on current circumstances and needs in the region. However, a participant can count on seeing and experiencing evidence of significant progress being made in all of SOHI’s four Focus Areas: Clean Water, Education Opportunities, Economic Empowerment, and Spiritual Development. Our trips are spent with the people that we serve. The goal is to try to deepen our partnership and relationships that we have started. We work alongside Kenyans, we don’t do for them things that they can do.

Experiencing a Vision Trip makes the work in Kenya personal in a way that can only be accomplished by having been there. We have yet to see anyone return unchanged in positively sobering, loving, and life-changing ways. Traveling to Kenya gives you an experience to meet the people, see different kind of poverty firsthand and allow you to formulate ways for your long-term involvement with SOHI.

Trip Update: Join our Medical Mission 2024!

June 8 – 22, 2024.  You DON’T have to be a medical professional – just have a heart willing to serve.  Contact David to join this exciting journey.  Email TODAY:


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