2018 Year in Review

Clean Water (and sanitation)

Established a sustainable community-owned biosand filter non-profit industry. Inexpensive ($20) In-home biosand filters remove pathogens from highly contaminated surface water making clean water accessible to the estimated 25,000 people that don’t have ready access to a well. SOHI funded the first 200 filters that were distributed to the neediest in the community.

Trained 400 educators on basic health and sanitation practices. This “train-the-trainer” approach enables ongoing teaching within the 41 schools in the region resulting in much healthier children.
Refurbished two wells.


Sponsored and orchestrated a life-purpose and spiritual growth seminar for 500 student leaders from public schools.

Sponsored a seminar for 400 community educators focused on empowering students to discover and pursue their God-given purpose in life. This focus greatly reduces the discouragement and depression among youth as they face the prospect of a future of continued poverty.

Ministered to and encouraged several thousand students during SOHI vision trips.

Initiated the “I Was Thirsty” campaign to provide an adequate supply of clean water, latrines and heath & sanitation training to the 41 schools (15,000 students) in the region. An assessment shows that currently 93% don’t have sufficient clean water, 98% don’t have sufficient latrines, and 88% don’t provide any form of health & sanitation training. This $366,000 campaign has raised over $220,000 so far and continues to seek donations from individuals, churches, and service organizations. Construction of water and latrine infrastructure will begin in early 2019 with a goal of completing by the end of the year.

Began planning for a local community-owned industry to produce reusable sanitary products primarily for secondary school girls who now typically have to miss up to one week per month of classes during their period. This initiative will continue into 2019.

Economic Development

Trained the community on the benefits of water pans to provide irrigation water during chronic drought periods. SOHI funded the digging of 80 water pans for the neediest in the community. Since introducing the concept of water pans, more than 200 have been dug in the region.

Sponsored a 3-day leadership seminar for community educational, spiritual, and government leaders.
Introduced zero tillage farming (called Farming God’s Way) to community leaders. Experience throughout Africa has shown that crop yield increases of 10-20 times are common using this technique. SOHI will provide training on this transformational approach to farming to approximately 400 farmers early in 2019.

Spiritual Development

Sponsored a 3-day evangelistic campaign open to the whole community. Several thousand were in attendance. Over 500 people accepted Christ.

Did Prison ministry evangelistic outreach. Dozens accepted Christ.

Distributed over 1,000 bibles to new converts and churches.

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